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OR: Wolf kills calf, injures two others in Klamath County

H&N Staff Reporter

A wolf in Klamath County killed one calf and injured two more last week.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released a report Thursday confirming a wolf had killed one calf and injured two others. Investigators believe the wolf was OR-25 because his GPS radio collar location data showed him at or near the calf carcass. OR-25 left the Imnaha pack in early April and by June had arrived in Klamath County.

Michelle Dennehy, ODFW wildlife communications coordinator, confirmed it is the first wolf kill in Klamath County.

“And the first confirmed depredation in south central Oregon,” she said.

ODFW listed the general area of the attack as the upper Williamson River area on private land. Dennehy said that falls in the area where the wolf is federally listed, so responsibility for response falls to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

From the report

A livestock producer found the first injured calf on Halloween morning. The next morning the producer found the carcass of another calf in the same pasture and the morning after that found another injured calf.

The dead calf was too decomposed to initially tell if a wolf had killed it.

On Nov. 3, ODFW officials investigated the two injured cattle, and found the bites and wounds “clearly a result of large canine teeth,” the report said.

“For the two injured calves, the large size, spacing and length of the canine tooth marks … indicates wolf attack,” the report said.

Investigators believe the dead calf was killed by wolves because OR-25’s GPS collar said he’d been there and the injuries to the other two calves.