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SE: Controlled hunt wolf in Torsby municipality, Värmland

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Varmland

The County Board has decided to eliminate the wolf that came intrusively close to the buildings in Fensbol and Utterbyn in Torsby municipality.

The County Administrative Board’s assessment is that the wolf is developing an undesirable behavior and that there is no other satisfactory solution than elimination. Over a short period of time, nine observations in the area were reported to the County Board.

The wolf’s intrusive behavior has been documented by the County nature watcher and there has been several attempts to frighten the wolf away. Previous experience of intimidation measures show that it is very difficult to change the behavior of wolves and movement patterns once these have been established.

A controlled hunt wolf granted under certain conditions. There can be no satisfactory alternative available, and the protective hunt may not prevent the maintenance of good conservation of the wolf population.

A hunting party must have leaders and the hunt may be only for a maximum of 14 hunting days until 29 February and may only be initiated after detection of wolf sign.