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SE: Hunters are protesting against predator policy

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Varmland

On Monday evening there will be a demonstration about predator policy on the market square in Karlstad. The Hunter Councils in Värmland and Örebro are acting in cooperation with LRF Värmland to protest against predator policies.

The Hunter Councils in Värmland and Örebro want to achieve a sensible predator policy that counteracts excessive concentrations of large predators in some counties. The unions want a regional management plan worthy of the name and protective criteria which take into account the affected people. It also urges the federal government and the authorities concerned to urgently develop a management plan for wolves.

At the demonstration on the market square at 19.00 Värmland County Governor Eva Eriksson will receive the wolf petition to be forwarded to the Department of Environment. Other speakers are Lennart Johannesson, chairman of Hunters Association Värmland, Day Rogne, chairman of LRF Värmland, and Göran Gunnarsson, chairman of Hunters Association Örebro.

“The problem of Värmland is the talk of national levels, as we have for a disproportionate share of the wolf population. The county is affected by the 22-24 territories and 14 annual litters. There is no regional authority that can counteract concentration, “says Lennart Johannesson, chairman of the Hunters Association Värmland.

“We also urge the government and relevant authorities to develop a management plan for wolves as soon as possible “, says Göran Gunnarsson, the chairman of the Hunters Association Örebro.

“Rural areas can bear the costs directly / indirectly for the predator policy and livelihoods will be affected if we keep too large wolf and lynx populations in our county,” says Day Rogne, Chairman of LRF Värmland.