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SE: Hunters demand enhanced protective hunt

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Varmland

Soon the EPA will present a proposal on extended controlled hunting of wolves since licensed hunting was abolished by the government in August under pressure from the EU. Lobbying activities are in full swing and yesterday Swedish Hunters Association in Värmland invited MPs to a meeting.

“Protective hunting today is designed to remove individual malicious individuals, and, as the wolf population is today, we want to be able to remove all in the entire territory”, says Lennart Johannesson, from Hunters Association Värmland.

The Social Democrats agree in principle with the alliance if they want an expanded protective reminiscent of the licensed hunting that existed previously.

Ann-Kristin Johannsson (S) believes that the bloc consensus is a prerequisite for being able to influence decisions at the national and EU level, which largely controls the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules for predators’ care.

“If parliament can convince the government to decide on this, it becomes easier for them to convince those in Brussels”, says Ann-Kristin Johansson.