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SE: New no to Skåne wolf hunting

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


A wolf pinching a free-range chicken is not motive enough for culling of the cheeky animal. Not even if the same wolf has several times during the summer attacked and killed a total of at least 40 sheep in the neighborhood – at the chickens owner’s place twice.

On Tuesday the Skåne County Administrative Board rejected for the second time in four days, a request from the National Association of Farmers (LRF) on culling of the wolf who in recent months has raged in northern Skåne, the last in the neighborhood of Visseltofta and Vittsjo.

In its application the LRF pointed out that the wolf, besides his appetite for sheep, has shown to be intrusive and unafraid of people, a serious behavior for a predator. But no such evidence has has been seen by the county administrative predator experts.