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SE: New wolf blood in Tived’s woods

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Now it has been confirmed that a genetically important female wolf had a litter of puppies.

The female was part of the Finnish wolf pair who moved from Norrbotten to Tived’s territory in 2013, in the border area between Närke and Västergötland. The male in the couple disappeared sometime in 2015 or 2016, but since then, the female has coupled with a Swedish male.

Already this summer, there were indications that the couple had puppies. In September, wolf scat in the Tiveden area has been collected.

By DNA analysis of the scat, two puppies have been identified for the female and the new male. The wolf family was also captured on the basis of a wildlife camera. The pictures show at least four puppies.

“It feels good that after extra efforts we have confirmed that there are puppies in Tiveden because the female in Tiveden carries important genes for the whole of the Scandinavian wolf. Therefore, this is an extraordinary rejuvenation,” said Susanna Gustavsson, wildlife manager at the county administrative board of Örebro County, in a press release.