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SE: Party would extirpate the wolf in Sweden

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Norrtälje / TT

A new party with a single issue – to extirpate the wolf in Sweden – is beginning to take shape. The Natural Democrats hope to gain a foothold in parliament, and therefore influence predator policy.

The news aroused strong reactions, and the debate between defenders of wolves and wolf critics has been rancorous in various online forums.

It was one of the party founders, Gunilla Grönvall, who tempers the need to eliminate the Swedish wolf population in an interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“We want a zero wolf population in the densely populated rural areas, so you could say. But to say that we would like to shoot all the wolves would be bestial,” she told the newspaper.

But according to the Natural Democrat President, hunter Marcus Werjefeldt, the original party line is still solid.

“We do not want to extirpate the wolf, we just do not want to have it in Sweden,” he said to TT.

TT: What will happen if the wolf is removed from Sweden?

“It is necessary of course to review the situation, how to do it in the smoothest possible way. It is all about us getting a new predator policy.”

Werjefeldt is surprised that a single-issue party has received so much attention.

“There is nothing new that there are people who do not want wolves,” he says.