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SE: Prosecution seeks suspended sentence after wolf attack

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


The prosecutor has demanded a suspended conditional sentence and a fine for the former chief zoologist in Kolmarden Zoo, Mats Höggren.

The announcement came more than four years after a zookeeper was killed by a pack of wolves, reports the Echo on Swedish Radio. That it has been so long contributed to the prosecution insisting on a rather mild punishment, according to the news program.

Mats Höggren prosecuted for health and safety offenses including manslaughter, felony. The indictment described the crime as aggravated “because the act involved a conscious risk of a serious nature” and that Höggren “guilty of misconduct of a serious nature”.

The punishment scale for aggravated manslaughter holds imprisonment for at least one year to a maximum of six years.

The prosecutor contends that the zoo should be ordered to pay a fine of four million crowns.