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SE: Researcher: “Poaching is a form of civil disobedience”

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Illegal hunting of wolves could be seen as a form of civil disobedience. This conclusion is drawn in a new thesis from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Hunting sociologist Erica von Essen had indepth interviews with hunters across the country and concluded that the illegal hunting can be interpreted as a protest from hunters who feel they lack control over predator policy.

“A surprise finding was that it was not the wolf itself as most hunters oppose. When talking to hunters most recognize the wolf has a place in the Swedish countryside. That is the premise on wolf management feels condescending, narrow and slow,” says Erica von Essen.

“You can see that poaching takes its basis in a crisis of confidence. By going outside the system indicates that the system fails to deliver ”
-Erica von Essen

County Administrative wildlife management delegations – where hunters are represented – has not increased hunters’ sense of control of predators policy, her research shows. Erica von Essen believes therefore that the current wildlife management needs to change.

You’re not afraid that you legitimize illegal hunting with your dissertation?
“I think not. I’m just trying to understand.”

Hedvig Nilsson
News P4 Värmland