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SE: SVA: Increase of mange among submitted wolves

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


More wolves that have been attacked by mange is shown in a survey from the National Veterinary Office (SVA), reports P4 Värmland.

“About 12 percent have or have had scabies. We see a slight increase in more wolves over the last three years, “says Erik Ågren, pathologist and assistant state veterinarian at SVA.

During the past seven years, SVA has taken samples of approximately 300 submitted wolves. According to the survey, not all infected animals are affected as severely.

“Looking at the results of the blood tests we have done, it’s far from all who have had signs of scabies like skin or fur changes. Some individuals seem to cope with the infection and it heals itself. It seems to be very individual.

Mange infected wolves who do not manage the infection as well get emaciated, have difficulty hunting and moving and then have difficulties in surviving.

The wolves that SVA has investigated have been submitted after being shot or found dead. They are not representative of the entire wolf strain.