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SE: Swedish-Norwegian wolves in Östergötland

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The male is from Lindesberg and the female is from Trysil in Norway. Now the wolves have settled down at Lake Långbogen in Östergötland, reports SVT Nyheter Örebro.

” This means that we have got our first wolf turf in modern times in Östergötland,” says game manager Mia Kjällander.

According to the county administrative board in Östergötland, the female runs and the couple can have puppies in the spring.

When wolves establish a territory, they usually stay there for several years. Moose, especially calves, is the most common prey. A wolf family drops approximately 100 moose per year in its territory, according to the county administrative board. Other common prey may be three species of deer and wild boar, but sheep may be attacked.