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SE: The first wolf hybrids in Sweden

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Puppies that are a cross between wolves and dogs have been found in Södermanland. This is the first case found in Sweden.

Fredrik Gunér TT

” It is important that you take immediate action to remove them,” says Hanna Dittrich Söderman, wildlife manager at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

At the end of the summer a wildlife camera took a picture of some wolf puppies at Bie north of Katrineholm. The puppies were unusually dark and there was a question of what might be caused by it. Scat collected by the county administrative board in Södermanland has been investigated. DNA analyses show that there are hybrid wolf-dog puppies.

” That we can say that this is the first case is because at the genetic level, the Scandinavian wolf is very well documented. In principle, you have a complete family tree, “says Hanna Dittrich Söderman to TT.

For how many puppies this is unclear.

“You know that there are at least two, maybe three, maybe more.

The authorities are keen to hunt the puppies to protect the Swedish wolf strain from genetic mixing by the dog.

” It’s the wild wolf with its characteristics that we are responsible for protecting.” If it starts to get diluted with dog genes, it’s not really a wolf anymore, “says Hanna Dittrich Söderman.

The County Administrative Board is planning to make a decision on a cull hunt next week, Katrineholms Kurir writes.