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SE: The wolf will be scared away

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


Mia Olausson

The wolf has approached both humans and dogs. Among other things, it followed a couple on a walk in Tyresta National Park, and was even photographed.

Now the county administrative board has decided that the wolf at Södertörn will be scared away, writes SVT Stockholm.

The wolf has moved on the Södertörn since June, and in many cases it has come close to both humans and animals.

“We estimate that there are conditions for getting close enough to the wolf and implementing scare measures. The hope is that the measures will change the behavior of the wolf,” Mia Olausson, Landscaping Director of the County Administrative Board, writes in a press release.

The frightening measures mean that you can use rubber balls or sound and light effects against the wolf. First, if the measures do not work, there may be a controlled hunt.