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SE: Västmanland has more wolves

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

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The number of wolves in Västmanland grows. The County Board now confirms that puppies were born in three of the five wolf territory involving Västmanland. “We’re in the area of expansion”

“We have now also been confirmed that Norn has a rejuvenation. Hedbyn have rejuvenation with four puppies and Skultuna have seven or eight puppies, said Pierre Ahlgren, the person responsible for predator inventories at the county Board of Västmanland.

The Hedbyn terrirory is from Medåker and up to Skinnskatteberg and in Örebro County. The Norn territory is located northwest of Fagersta and Norberg and also in Dalarna County.

There are five wolf territory in the county, but only Skultuna territory and the Färna territory lie wholly within the county boundaries. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how many wolves now in the county, but Pierre Ahlgren guess is between 20 and 25. But all puppies will not survive their first year, said Pierre Ahlgren.

“Half usually go. They hurt themselves, they fall there, they drown. They live pretty hard. They have no fixed place, but must keep up the whole way, and then they are not knowledgeable in all things.”

Can you predict anything about the future?

“We’re in range. We have Dalarna and Värmland above us and there are many wolves. Now they begin to spread further and further out. We are a county that is located right on the border and further down, so there is a lot happening in our county right now”, says Pierre Ahlgren, director of carnivore inventories at the county Board of Västmanland.