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SE: Wolf Researcher: The worst attack so far

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Värmland has had the largest wolf attack so far in Sweden. 46 sheep were killed with twenty needing to be killed.

“Yes, for the first 46 sheep, it’s probably a Swedish record. I think we’ve had at most 42 before, so it’s very unusual,” says Jens Frank doing research on large carnivores.

The pasture where the sheep were in was lacking predator protective fencing and there was moreover a long opening in one end of the pasture located on the water where the wolf could have entered. This is something that greatly increases the risk of wolf attacks compared with having the fence.

What could have happened?

“If several get together in a small area, it is not uncommon for several animals being injured or killed by a wolf attack. These animals have no effective anti-predator behavior, but they run happily around and this triggers the hunting behavior of the predator,” says Jens Frank.

The 15 who survived the wolf attack have been moved to another location.

The wolf attack occurred sometime between Monday morning and Tuesday morning.

County Administrative Board of Värmland has inspected the incident but would not tell exactly where the wolf attack occurred because the sheep owner wants to remain anonymous.

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