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SE: Wolf was scared away from school

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer


The Svartbäck school in Haninge was visited by a wolf last Friday. The wolf passed by the school and a parent and a teacher went to scare it, and the county council’s predator staff were called there, writes the newspaper Mitt i.

According to Mitt i, the school is now taking trips to Tyresta City because of the wolf that exists in the area, but to P4 Stockholm, the school’s principal, Susanne Dybeck, says that the information is not correct.

” We have not put in a lot of excursions, it is not in our schedule right now.”

According to Arne Söderberg at the county administrative board, those who met the wolf reported that the animal had most acted curiously. At the same time, he believes that it is impossible to predict what can happen in pressured situations.

” I have understood that in several schools there has been an increase in adult supervision during activities in the recess times and that can be a way to make people less concerned – parents and the like,” says Arne Söderberg.




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