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SE: Wolves get rib injuries in the hunting of moose

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

The wolves that were shot during the licensed hunting had generally good health. But the animals had previously been fired at with shotguns and a handful had broken ribs – probably caused by kicking moose.

During the licensed hunting 25 animals were killed, and another was shot because of scabies disease. There were 15 males and 11 females shot between January 2 and February 15 in the territories of Dalarna, Gävleborg, Värmland and Örebro, the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) summary shows.

A wolf had not yet healed rib fractures, and four others had healed rib fractures. It is typical of older animals that may have been kicked in the hunt for moose.

Twelve of those shot wolves were born in 2016, while the rest were older animals. Four adult females, one from each territory, bore traces of previous pregnancy.

One wolf had Trichinella, but none had tapeworm. Three of the seven wolves from Brattfors territory in Värmland had suspected scabies.

The animals’ mean weight was 34 kg with a range of 22-44 kg, and 21 of the animals had normal growth.

Many have raised the alarm about the danger of inbreeding in the Swedish wolf population because of so few animals. Some of the wolves shot this year, had mild malocclusion, but no abnormalities were discovered otherwise.