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SE: Wolves in northern Värmland have disappeared

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

Several wolves in Northern Värmland have disappeared.

“There are startling many,” says David Höök, wildlife manager.

It’s about big changes in several turns and it has been done in the past year. It shows the wolf inventory in progress.
The result surprises David Höök, wild life manager at the county administrative board in Värmland.

“We assumed that it would be the same revitalizing pair as it usually is, but there has been higher turnover this year.

This year’s wolf inventory is expected to be completed in March.

“On the DNA samples we have received so far, we can see that the wolves we had last year have often been replaced by new wolf pairs in the areas. It may be a pair of three pair of wolves that have disappeared. I have no exact number right now.

The license hunt begins January 2, and in Värmland six wolves in the Vimyren Revenge can be shot. But the county administrative board’s inventory now shows that the old wolf family no longer remains – on the other hand there is a new wolf pair.

“Nationally, we have no reason to go to the emergency brake now. So the planned license hunt will take place. However, it may affect future hunting.”

-Annika Ström