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SE: Wolves upsetting – the governor calls for patience

Roughly translated by TWIN Observer

News P4 Västmanland

Farm owner Walter Preiholt, on Rörbo farm in Sala, has had it very tough financially after a wolf attacked his sheep. But Governor Ingemar Skogö believes in a solution in the long run, even if it is turbulent right now for many sufferers.

Walter Preiholt will not be able to fence in his animals and must now reduce the number of sheep.

“We reduce the number of ewes by about sixty for next year (…) there is several hundred thousand(Kronor-SEK) in lost income.

Rörbo farm is one of the farms which now tests a wolf scare device with a shrieking sound in an attempt to avoid more wolf attacks on livestock.

But Governor Ingemar Skogö, was yesterday at an open meeting in Sala, including the community council on the wolf issue. He believes that they are now about to accept that wolves exist and to be patient.

“Right now, it’s pretty turbulent and there are people who are affected and there are concerns and so on. But I think that with communication, with efforts to fence in and so on, we will find a balanced situation eventually,” says Ingemar Skogö.