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WA: Livestock Wolf Attacks Confirmed

By Steve Hair

FERRY COUNTY- The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed that two calves found injured on Ferry County rangeland were attacked by wolves, likely members of the so-called Profanity Peak Pack of State-protected Grey Wolves. The determination was made Friday after a Veterinarian examined the two calves in the presence of a WDFW officer. State Representative Joel Kretz had reported the attacks in a Facebook post two days ago.

The injured calves were found on Tuesday by two range riders in the higher elevations of the Keller Range. Kretz claims that after first confirming the incident as a wolf attack, WDFW officers changed it to a quote, “probable” attack because of a “lack of hemorrhaging.” Kretz claims that if they had responded when called they could have witnessed “external hemorrhaging” as the calf bled.

Kretz is a staunch critic of the State’s Grey Wolf Reintroduction program. He has been leading the effort to delist the animals as a State protected species. There are currently 10 confirmed wolf packs in Washington State with the majority of them located in the North East part of the State. Tune in Monday morning for more details including an exclusive interview with Rep Kretz on Wake Up Wenatchee Valley.