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WI: Gray Wolf Living in Door, Kewaunee Counties

DOOR COUNTY, Wis (WBAY) — A gray wolf is approaching its second anniversary living between Southern Door and Kewaunee Counties.

DNR biologists say the radio collared male wolf first arrived in Wisconsin on Christmas Eve two years ago from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and made its way across the frozen Bay of Green Bay into Door County.

Liz Merner and David Wilkens, always curious to find out what’s roaming their property in Little Sturgeon where they ride their horses, recently found the wolf’s tracks.

“We have a sand path here so we’re always looking for different paw prints and things, just seeing what kind of animals are coming through and Monday I happened to come through in the afternoon and walked around that way, came through here and I discovered these great big paws, I was a little freaked out,” says Merner of her initial reaction.

Merner then took photos and contacted the DNR.

“It was fortunate because we had four prints right in a row,” says Merner.

Based on stride length and GPS tracking, wildlife biologists confirmed the wolf on Merner’s property is the same wolf that’s made itself at home in swamps and river bottoms between Door and Kewaunee Counties for the past two years.

The DNR says while it’s common for wolves to move through areas beyond Northern Wisconsin, it’s rare to have them stick around.

Biologists also say the wolf has not caused any reported problems with livestock or people.

“It’s kind of cool because I really like wolves and he said it’s protected which is really cool I think,” says Merner.

Merner says she would now like to see the wolf, although not necessarily face to face.

“Probably get a game camera after this because I would love to see a picture of him coming through, if he comes back this way,” says Merner.