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WI: Wisconsin’s First Wolf Hunting Season Since 2014 Set for Nov. 2021

By  CJ Baumgartner

MADISON, Wis.– Wisconsin’s wolf hunting season will take place November 2021 after being sidelined since the last hunt in 2014. This comes after the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced in October that it would take grey wolves off of the endangered species list.

The Wisconsin DNR says framework for the new season will include public input and consultation with the state’s Native American tribes. After that, a harvesting cap will be figured out for the season.

“It is tremendously important to us to have a good, robust, strong population of wolves and we know we can do that,” said Keith Warnke, Administrator of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Division for the Wisconsin DNR. “We’ve managed hunting seasons in the past and we’ve maintained a good, strong population of wolves.”

The DNR says there are more than 1,000 wolves estimated to be in Wisconsin, which is a steady increase from recent years.