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WY: Badass Mama Grizzly Bear Stands Up To Pack Of Wolves Harassing Her Cubs

Whenever there’s a bear story, chances are we’re on the bear’s side.

That’s because the bear usually seems to be the victim of something stupid that a human does.

Bears don’t like to be surprised.  But time and time again this summer, bears have reacted instinctively because humans surprised them.

Then, many times, humans kill the bears because of mistakes humans made.

As an example, somebody leaves food out at a campsite. A bear gets used to grazing on that food. If the behavior continues (and why wouldn’t it), then wildlife agencies put down the bear.

Thankfully, in this story, there are no stupid humans. 

Taylor Bland is a wildlife guide at Yellowstone Wolf Tracker. The company describes itself as a “wildlife adventure company.”

The company explains that their speciality is wolf and bear-watching.  Because all of their guides are experienced wildlife biologists, chances are they won’t be the subject of a bear mauling — which is a nice bonus for 2020.

Bland was out on a safari in Yellowstone where she filmed what she called “the most epic bear-wolf interaction [she’s] ever seen.”

It is magnificent footage and we can’t help root for the mama grizzly bear as the pack of wolves seem intent making one of her cubs their prey.

Thankfully, the grizzly won and her cubs were safe. As a nice bonus, nothing happened to the wolves either.

“Epic day in Yellowstone, as usual,” Bland writes.