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Wolf Workshops and Clinics

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Greetings wolf enthusiasts!


Thanks for your interest in TWIN – we’re a non- profit wolf education group, founded in 1989.  TWIN is based in Central Wisconsin, and our sole focus is on science-based educational outreach, expressed through the half-dozen or so Wolf Ecology Workshops we present each winter.


Our award-winning workshops, which cover two days of intensive learning, are presented by instructors that have been instrumental in wolf recovery in the Western Great Lakes, including wolf biologist and author Dick Thiel.  The workshops cover the gamut of wolf topics, from the physiology and behavior of the animal, to research and monitoring techniques, and to the political vagaries that have governed the management of this iconic species.  Each workshop also includes a field trip into wolf territory, where we find and follow wolf tracks, exploring the landscape from the perspective of this keystone predator.  Although we weren't able to hold any workshops in 2021, we were plenty busy - our graduate student researcher is just finishing up her two-year study of summer wolf diets in Wisconsin's Central Forest Region, and we're embarking on a new research project where we're attempting to census wolf pup production with the use of remote passive recorders.  We're looking forward to sharing our results at our 2022 workshops!


We hope to see you at an upcoming workshop – our winter 2022 dates are still uncertain, but once we establish dates and venues, the details and registration information will be found on our Workshops page.  In 2022, we'll tentatively be presenting our weekend workshops at Beaver Creek Reserve near Eau Claire WI , Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center near Babcock WI, and at Treehaven near Tomahawk, WI.  Here's a link to our 2020 Workshop Brochure.  If you'd like us to address your organization at some other time and place, contact us at - - we can tailor our presentation to your time frame and area(s) of interest. 


In the meantime, join our group!  For just $12 a year, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your funds are being used to foster continuing awareness and acceptance of wolves. If we can find a dedicated volunteer to replace our recently-retired TWIN Observer, we'll get our weekly e-newsletter of worldwide wolf news rolling again, and you'll receive it in your Inbox.   


If you live in Central Wisconsin, keep an eye on our website for TWIN Board Meeting dates and consider attending a meeting – you may have talents that we can use to further our mission!


Ray Leonard


Timber Wolf Information Network