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Wolves in the Land of the Salmon

Moskowitz, David. 2013. Wolves in the Land of the Salmon.Timber Press, Portland Oregon. 334 pages, including maps, chapter notes, literature cited, index. $29.95 hardcover.

This hard-bound book, consisting of high quality, glossy pages, is liberally sprinkled with incredible photographs of wolves and the landscapes in which they presently exist within the Pacific Northwest. The maps are numerous and very well done. The organizational layout of the book is superb and visually pleasing. The dimensions are a bit larger than most books (9.5 X 7.25 inches) and the high quality paper adds weight that seems to stress the book’s binding a bit, though even this is well engineered!

Moskowitz put a lot of time into this work – both in the field, and at his computer – crafting this excellent piece of work. He knows his wolves, gotten through experiences in the field (which he often relates in chapter lead-ins) and the scientific literature he utilizes. And he has taken the pains to record conversations with locals and professional biologists to get a sense of the challenges wolves will confront as they move towards a more meaningful presence in this geographic region, which up to this point in time has not been duly recognized. He presents a plethora of material in easily –read fashion understandable to anyone with an interest in wolves, or an interest in wolves in the Northwest.

Although the cost is perhaps on the high end of people’s budgets, this book is definitely worth the investment for both knowledge, pleasure and as an addition to the bookshelf. I highly recommend it.

Richard P. Thiel