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To increase public awareness and acceptance of the wolf in its natural habitat  and its ecological role in the environment.


Tax exempt donations are welcome.

Your $12 annual dues entitle you to the following benefits:

The satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to exceptional wolf education and research;  with almost zero overhead, all our income goes towards providing education and learning resources

Access to wolf resources – we’ll do our best to answer any wolf-related questions you send us.  You can purchase memberships through PayPal at

Annual Membership dues are $12.00 per individual or organization.  Any individual or organization supporting the purpose and objectives of TWIN is eligible for membership.

We really appreciate donations to help fund our research projects, so you can donate at the same PayPal link – let us know if you would like your donation earmarked for anything in particular. If you prefer to pay your dues or make a donation by check, you can mail your check to –


2809 E Hamilton Ave #133

Eau Claire, WI  54701

Regardless of how you join TWIN, if you purchase multiple memberships, make sure you send us the email address for each membership.

Thanks so much for your support!