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NM: Mexican gray wolf turns up dead in New Mexico

byAssociated Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Wildlife managers are investigating the death of an endangered Mexican gray wolf found last month in New Mexico. 

Officials with the wolf recovery team are waiting for the results of genetics testing to determine the pack from the animal came. They did not release any details about the circumstances of the animal’s death or where it was found.

A subspecies of the Western gray wolf, Mexican wolves have faced a difficult road to recovery that has been complicated by politics and conflicts with livestock since reintroduction efforts began more than two decades ago in Arizona and New Mexico.

Officials confirmed Friday in their latest monthly report that 11 wolf deaths have been documented between January and the end of November.

Officials also reported that two wolves were caught in foothold traps in the Gila National Forest. One was captured and removed from the wild for veterinary care. The other was later spotted traveling with its pack, and the trap was no longer attached to its foot. 

Officials say the incident remains under investigation.